Product of the Huon Valley

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It’s fair to say, working in a commercial environment means that not every job you take on is going to be enjoyable. It might be a client that isn’t easy to deal with, the budget is overly tight, timeframes are unrealistic or there is a lack of passion from (or for) the subject. The not so great jobs, make the projects that are close to your heart, all the more rewarding.

The Product of the Huon Valley project has been just that for us. Not just because of the picturesque area, because of the hard working and passionate people that we got to feature.


Working with the creative Jellies, the brief was to form a unique visual style that highlights the beauty of the region. We then spoke to the locals, talked about their beliefs and captured them in their natural surroundings. What we shot was un rehearsed and as “off the cuff” as possible… We hope this came through in the imagery.


A big cheers to the Huon Valley Council for the overall initiative and the team from Red Jelly for the opportunity and pulling everything together. Most importantly, thanks to all the people who gave their time to be featured.


Check out the brand new website, watch the video and have a read through the inspirational stories. More importantly – Go and visit (The Taste of the Huon is this long weekend coming!).



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Introduction to The Works Printing Group

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One of the best parts of our job is getting an insight into what makes a business work. As humans we make assessments based on the impressions we get and the information we glean. It’s only when you start asking questions or going behind closed doors, when you start to get an understanding of how something really works.

This was the case with The Works.

The Works Printing Group (TWPG) is a family owned business with 30 + employees based in the Derwent Park industrial estate, 10 minutes out of Hobart.  Like a lot of commercial printers they are constantly having to upgrade and diversify to stay ahead of the game. When you take into account rising transport costs to and from Tasmania, and increased competition from cheap Chinese printers, it’s always a challenge.

So how do they do it? Old fashioned service and lots of hard work. David, Maree and the family sail a tight ship that is based on providing quality products, solving problems and under promising and over delivering. Next time you see a sign on a building, poster in a bank, bumper sticker or magnet on a fridge, there is every chance it was created at TWPG.

Above is a short intro video we put together (with owner David as the VO). Have a watch and check out some of the awesome stuff they make, right in our backyard – The Works Printing Group

Making a REAL difference, with bikes!

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The Risdon Vale Bike Collective officially opened the Risdon Vale Bike Park on Friday June 26th. Coinciding with the school fair the night was a huge success with activities and entertainment for all. Under the direction of Ant Edler, the park was fully redeveloped by the skilled guys at Mtn Trails and members of the RV Bike Collective. Check out the quick edit we put together for the team.

“The Risdon Vale Bike Collective exists to create a better future for young people.

We work with local young people to increase work readiness skills, recreational opportunities and to build healthy community around the pursuit of push bikes.

Third Place Communities manages this project in partnership with funding bodies, schools, neighbourhood centres and various local charities and businesses.”

Want to know more or find out where you can help??? Check out the full details @

A lesson in virality

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It’s not every day your work gets referenced on one of your favourite blogs. Late last year, that’s exactly what happened, and proved that timing plays a huge part in virality when it comes to social media.

The morning of the iPhone 6 launch, I was walking past the local Apple store and decided to pop in and see if the new model was going to live up to the hype. Expecting they’d be completely sold out already like previous releases, it was a surprise to find out that they still had a few handsets left. Within the hour, I was back in contract and walked out the door with a shiny new 128GB model and was keen to get back to the studio to test it out.

The previous day Mitch and I had been shooting a video of wine pours for a client, getting close to the perfect splash. Setup and ready to go, we spent the next hour making use of the new 240 fps slo mo function. We were completely blown away by the quality we were able to achieve! By lunch time, we’d gone through a bottle of shitty shiraz, shot a small clip and had uploaded it onto our Vimeo account.

Eastern Australia sits in a great spot time wise with global releases, being around a half day ahead of the UK and US. We didn’t think too much of it at the time, but when we’d hit nearly 100,000 views in the first 24 hours, we knew we were onto something. Now lingering around 800,000 views over a few different hosting services, you can start to see what it really takes to get your content seen.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.17.48 pm

Here are a couple of our favourite shares:

No Film School (Have a good look around while you’re there, they have some great stuff for film makers of all levels)

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