Introduction to The Works Printing Group

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One of the best parts of our job is getting an insight into what makes a business work. As humans we make assessments based on the impressions we get and the information we glean. It’s only when you start asking questions or going behind closed doors, when you start to get an understanding of how something really works.

This was the case with The Works.

The Works Printing Group (TWPG) is a family owned business with 30 + employees based in the Derwent Park industrial estate, 10 minutes out of Hobart.  Like a lot of commercial printers they are constantly having to upgrade and diversify to stay ahead of the game. When you take into account rising transport costs to and from Tasmania, and increased competition from cheap Chinese printers, it’s always a challenge.

So how do they do it? Old fashioned service and lots of hard work. David, Maree and the family sail a tight ship that is based on providing quality products, solving problems and under promising and over delivering. Next time you see a sign on a building, poster in a bank, bumper sticker or magnet on a fridge, there is every chance it was created at TWPG.

Above is a short intro video we put together (with owner David as the VO). Have a watch and check out some of the awesome stuff they make, right in our backyard – The Works Printing Group

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  1. This is a very high quality introduction video for a printing company, very well done, inspiring 🙂

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