The aficionadi is a cycling and pop culture inspired lifestyle brand dealing mainly in T Shirts, created by Chris Hardinge and both Matt & Mitch Osborne. The focus is on what a passionate cyclist would choose to wear when they are not riding #UntilTheNextRide. The word ‘aficionadi’ is plural for the Spanish ‘aficionado’ meaning ‘A group of people who like, know about, and appreciate a particular interest or activity’.

Matt and Mitch of OI joined the brand not long after the initial launch. With their background in photography, mixed media and design and Chris’ in apparel, they’ve been working together as a team to give the project a greater chance of success. So far the focus has been specifically on the mountain bike market, with plans to build future ranges for the complete cycling and action sports markets.

There are some very exciting releases on the way, so watch this space.

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  • Project Type: Stills, Concept, Design
  • Client: Aficionadi
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