The opportunity to redevelop a tired greengrocer that was ready to shut the doors, with a small budget and a tricky canvas to create something unique, is the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams.

We were given just that opportunity with “Apple Isle Markets” in our home town of Lindisfarne, just out of Hobart. This corner store was a fish and chip shop that had burned down, a FCM chain store that went bust and then another greengrocer that was heading in a similar direction. Evasive action was needed, and that’s what was taken.

Cafe, grocer, kitchen, market; The plan was to create something very unique in one convenient location. The Aproneers lived by a sustainability ethos that encouraged their visitors to really think about the provenance of their food. From the brand direction, store concept, construction project management, hiring the staff and getting behind the coffee machine – This is one project we’ll never forget.

We hear The Aproneers has just been purchased by the Hill Street dynamo, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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  • Project Type: Concept, Design, Stills, Project Management
  • Client: Groombridge Family
  • Website:

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