Product of the Huon Valley

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It’s fair to say, working in a commercial environment means that not every job you take on is going to be enjoyable. It might be a client that isn’t easy to deal with, the budget is overly tight, timeframes are unrealistic or there is a lack of passion from (or for) the subject. The not so great jobs, make the projects that are close to your heart, all the more rewarding.

The Product of the Huon Valley project has been just that for us. Not just because of the picturesque area, because of the hard working and passionate people that we got to feature.


Working with the creative Jellies, the brief was to form a unique visual style that highlights the beauty of the region. We then spoke to the locals, talked about their beliefs and captured them in their natural surroundings. What we shot was un rehearsed and as “off the cuff” as possible… We hope this came through in the imagery.


A big cheers to the Huon Valley Council for the overall initiative and the team from Red Jelly for the opportunity and pulling everything together. Most importantly, thanks to all the people who gave their time to be featured.


Check out the brand new website, watch the video and have a read through the inspirational stories. More importantly – Go and visit (The Taste of the Huon is this long weekend coming!).



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